**NEW** "BEEN Magic" WOMEN'S Tee
**NEW** "BEEN Magic" WOMEN'S Tee
**NEW** "BEEN Magic" WOMEN'S Tee
**NEW** "BEEN Magic" WOMEN'S Tee $10.00$24.99

Before it was acceptable to champion black female excellence, super heroes in the form of black women walked the Earth and changed history forever. This shirt is dedicated to those ladies and their underappreciated contributions to the freedoms we ALL enjoy today. If you all don't mind, I wanted to invite them and their legacies to join us in this long-overdue celebration via the new "BEEN Magic" women's tee. :) 


Sojourner Truth

Claudette Colvin

Angela Davis

Josephine Baker

Madame CJ Walker

Ella Baker

Septima Poinsette Clark

Queen Nefertiti

Fannie Lou Hamer

Ruby Bridges

Shirley Chisolm


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