Derrick Jaxn is the founder of Mentally Stimulate Me Card Game and author of seven books, including his highly anticipated forthcoming title, Don't Forget Your Crown. 

Derrick began blogging in 2012 about his hard-learned lessons in love shortly after breaking up with his college sweetheart and has, since, turned his lessons into a viral movement of over five million social media followers that he reaches daily with videos, posts, and live chats about dating and relationships.

Over 800 million video views, and counting, gave way to conversations that Derrick noticed happening in his comment sections that needed to happen more often in the homes of those on the dating scene to prevent time wasted in relationships. He decided to solve that problem by creating Mentally Stimulate Me Card Game in April of 2017 which would integrate touchy relationship topics in a fun way early into the dating phase. 200,000 customers later, his cards are quickly becoming a household name and date night must-have across the globe.

Despite his success as an entrepreneur, Derrick is mostly known for curating content online in advocacy for the importance of self-love as the antithesis to the need of validation within a relationship. He often lends his massive influence to sensitive, and sometimes controversial topics like narcissism, rape culture, and the combating of stereotypes against single mothers which has earned the trust of his listeners that they can count on him to speak on what's necessary instead of just what's popular. 

When Derrick isn't championing healthy relationships and building his empire, he enjoys spending time with his former college sweetheart, and current wife, Da'Naia and their two children.