12 Step Guide to Protecting Your Energy
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12 Step Guide to Protecting Your Energy

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Studies show that 1 in 6 Americans take some type of psychiatric drug with anti-depressants being the most common and anxiety relievers being the second most. As someone who has struggled with both anxiety and depression most of my life who also doesn't believe in taking drugs if possible, I've found a natural remedy that has significantly helped me manage both of those things; protecting my energy. 

Through daily chats with my followers, I've realized that many others are in the same position and don't know where to start with improving their quality of life, naturally, so I've created a 12 Step Guide that I personally use and believe can give tremendous value to those who commit to it. 

This will not fix or cure your anxiety or depression, and if you suffer from either, please see a mental health professional. This is simply my personal guide to protecting my peace and managing my mental state for those who'd like to do the same.