A Cheating Man's Heart Pt. 3 (Pre-Sale With Free E-Book)
A Cheating Man's Heart Pt. 3 (Pre-Sale With Free E-Book)
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A Cheating Man's Heart Pt. 3 (Pre-Sale With Free E-Book)

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The sexy, humorous, and ever-relatable saga is finally giving readers the closure they've been waiting for after a 5-year wait for the conclusion of the A Cheating Man's Heart  series. 

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Promises & Apologies Mean Nothing Without Action.

The women in Shawn's life have been painfully reminded of this time and time again, but he's finally grown up and changed his ways...so he says.

After getting his love life on track with Danielle, Shawn has dedicated himself to helping others do the same, but his newly righteous path makes a detour when his old friend, Jazmin, crosses it once again bringing someone else with her that may flip all of their worlds upside down.

It's now seeming as if no matter how far Shawn evolves from the man he once was, he can never outrun his old demons and this time, the fortune, fame, and pressures that come with his success may prove too much for him to overcome.



    "So many men before me just wanted to touch her skin. I was determined to soak deeply into every pore, marinate in her essence, and entangle myself into her soul."