5 Things You Need to Know About "Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-Love Has Everything to Do With It."

5 Things You Need to Know About "Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-Love Has Everything to Do With It."

If there was ever a time we needed a conversation on relationships, it's now. The age of social media has polluted our common sense with trash, yet our traditional beliefs are in dire need of an update that's not rooted in a society we no longer live in. 

This is why I wrote, Don't Forget Your Crown. If I can pierce through the clutter and reach those who are seriously looking for clarity that leads to healthier relationships, not just toxic ones that look pretty on the outside and last for a long time, then I will have done my job. But, before you purchase the new book, there are five things you absolutely must know. 

1. You will not be learning 100 secrets for seducing, tricking, or finessing a man or woman. I'm tired of seeing those articles, manuals, and think-pieces crawling around as if love and relationships is just one big game to play. If you've ever had your heart broken, like I have, then you know it's everything but that.

2. This is not a religious doctrine. I personally love God and show the utmost respect to everyone's respective religions. However, love is not exclusive to those who believe in any particular one of those. Anyone who desires love also deserves it if they're willing to put in the work to attain and sustain it. That's the core belief behind this book, and anything else you'll ever hear from me.

3. This book may really, really piss you off at times. I'm not one to run with anything just because our grandparents did it, nor because that's how we were taught growing up, nor because your favorite relationship expert said it. I understand that challenging long-held beliefs can feel uncomfortable at times, but if you approach this book with a completely open mind, then you will live. I promise.

4. If you have me up on some pedestal of perfection, it's about to come tumbling down. Shortly before starting on this book two years ago, I became aware that there were some who felt I'd never made a mistake in my life. I suppose writing two fiction novels admittedly based on my personal life titled, A Cheating Man's Heart and A Cheating Man's Heart 2 and an entire book of poetry about how I ruined every good thing that came my way until I learned to love myself didn't effectively drop the hint that I have made plenty of mistakes. It is only in my videos that I refrain from mentioning my personal life, good or bad, but in this book, I leave no more room for doubt. This is not, and has never been about me, but if articulating what it took for me to grow and what I've grown from can further send the message that it's time for us all to challenge ourselves for the better, then so be it. 

5. The mere sight of this book in your possession may trigger those who intend to fuck you over. If you haven't noticed yet, that same rule applies to any post of mine or even mention of me. I once believed it was something personal, maybe even egotistical on behalf of my detractors. But, I was wrong. The truth is, my messages have proven the power to actually change lives, and that's a problem for those who enjoyed the luxury of those lives being stuck where they were. I cause discomfort in those who hate me that can not be soothed with a few contrary facts, because even they admit that's exactly what I'm speaking. That's why the conversation will either go to some abstract nonsense, or a personal dig at you. This book is what my videos have been times ten, and once the word is officially out about the contents within, get ready, because it will be a pushed button on anyone who's threatened by your growth.

-Derrick Jaxn


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