why am i doing this?

For years, I've written from a personal perspective. My feelings. My thoughts. My emotions. The only problem was, the women in my life, whom I credit for much of my success as an author, experience a very different reality. The way they're approached by men, how they're treated on the job, what expectations are placed upon them as mothers, wives, and providers; I could never fully understand. But I knew Shopderrickjaxn could be an opportunity to give them a voice. Instead of being another quote that would soon be forgotten or book that only some will read, I use items like tees, wine glasses, and more as the megaphone to the hearts and minds of women everywhere because if we're going to move forward as a culture, we MUST acknowledge them and act accordingly. While I can't control how society acts, I can remove ignorance as the excuse and that's exactly WHY Shopderrickjaxn is here to stay." -Derrick Jaxn

Date nights will never be the same


There's enough talk about how we should stay positive, get out and stay out of toxic relationships, keep going, etc., but not enough actionable steps to take. Well, look no further. This short but powerful book contains the affirmations necessary to retrain your mind and redirect your energy in the direction of your destiny. Read to understand and meditate on these passages regularly, and watch everything about your life improve starting with your perspective.
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