Woman Charged With Raping a Man. Bond Set at $75K

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(Chicago Police Dpt.)

(STMW) A 33-year-old man was allegedly held at gunpoint and forced to have sex with a woman in the backseat of a car after her female friend offered him a ride.

The man pleaded with one of his attackers — who demanded he place his hands on her breasts and buttocks during the attack — to stop, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Amanda Pillsbury said Thursday.

He eventually escaped, running out of the car naked into a taxi where a cab driver helped drove him home to the suburbs, Pillsbury said.

The man had been walking early that morning when 25-year-old Cierra Ross allegedly pulled up and offered him a ride.

While driving, Ross pulled out a black revolver and ordered the man, who was in the passenger seat, to get in the back and have sex with her friend, Pillsbury said.

The woman in the backseat demanded that he take off his clothes and the man complied before he was assaulted, Pillsbury said.

The two women also took $200 from the man, his credit cards and iPhone, according to a police report.

When the victim noticed a nearby cab’s headlights, he fled, Pillsbury said.

The cab driver let the man use his cell phone to email himself a picture of Ross’ license plate number, Pillsbury said.

The victim later identified Ross in a lineup.

Ross, who also uses the alias Octavia Brown, was arrested on Tuesday, the police report said.

The other woman has not been charged.

Ross, who appeared in court Thursday in Jordan gym shoes and a black and red striped shirt, has previous misdemeanor prostitution convictions.

The mother of two currently is a waitress at Denny’s, her defense attorney told Judge Israel Desierto.

Desierto described the facts of the case as “somewhat unusual” before ordering Ross, of Olympia Fields, held in lieu of $75,000 bail for aggravated criminal sexual abuse and armed robbery.

(Source: Sun Tiimes Media Wire @ Chicago Sun-Times)


Thirst has been given a whole new meaning. The moment you have to threaten someone's life to have sex is the moment you should consider online dating or just getting a toy. I don't know if I'm more surprised by her high spirited pursuit of sex or the fact that a woman's being charged with rape. Either way it goes, this is way out of line. Then for her to show up to court wearing Jordans...smh. Come on now.

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  1. really just curious: do you pay such close attention to the wardrobe of male rapists when they come to court?

    also, male rapists threaten women’s lives ALL THE TIME. It’s a given, and that sure is thirsty. they should all be advised to hit up OKCupid or Match.com.

    the sexism in your summary is outrageous.

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    • Lol Well the ignorance in your comment is outrageous. That makes us equal.

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  2. wow thats insane, i feel as though it’s pathetic that she even believed she would get away with that, just for 200$

    I also think her friend should be charged,because birds of a feather flock together; and i highly doubt she wasn’t aware of the situation before it happened.

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  3. Rape of or from any gender is wrong, but from reading the full story it seems the guy got into the car ready to trick/prostitute with either female, then maybe he refused to pay or change the amount he was going to pay-then her friend pulled out a gun and he jumped out the car and ran. Mad/fearing that he ran without his phone, credit cards,wallet with his real name and address in it, he called the police to prevent further incident and get his stuff back. The female who “”raped”” him has a job, but also a long known record of prostitution. Why would a guy with $200 jump in the car with strange women who are prostitutes?

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      • I have to say that is a good perspective because you shouldn’t believe everything you read right away…. its possible because they tried to point out their financial and economic differences to often.

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  4. Pia, sweetheart…..

    You CLEARLY are misguided.. I read this article in its ENTIRETY…
    YOU DIDN’T.. You failed to comprehend that this was article was copied from another source. If you wouldn’t have been so “SELECTIVE” in your reading, you would have noticed “….(Source: Sun Tiimes Media Wire @ Chicago Sun-Times)….” directly after the article…..

    ***rolls eyes***

    Now GOOD-DAY to you Miss Pia!

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  5. So what you saying is he got in the car knowing they were prostitutes. Nobody wants to get raped. Why would he run out of the car naked screaming or running for help. Come on rape of any gender is making a person not have an option of of choosing their god given right to have sex.

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  6. Vic I agree with you 100precent
    There something that just dont seem right. Rape is a terrible thing but the police need do alittle more investigation on this one just to be sure…

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  7. This article is merely highlighting the fact that both genders are capable of committing rape. It is a common myth that women cannot sexually assault men, which is completely untrue.

    In no way is this article sexist. It strictly presents facts about an “atypical” rape case.

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