The Quiet After the Storm

If you've ever loved someone or thought you've loved someone and it's past tense now, you should be able to relate. Relationships tend to be a difficult yet sometimes rewarding part of life. It's usually difficult to trust a person with your sanity and emotional well-being but for the chance of happily ever after, we often do. I know I did. Everything seemed to be going well on the surface. She cooked, cleaned, and all of the other little things men look for in a serious relationship. But there was so much going on behind the scenes I had no knowledge of that when it all hit the fan...well you know. It wasn't exactly bliss. All of a sudden I had a rush of emotions I didn't recognize and thoughts I was scared of. For the things I wanted to do, I even judged myself. It's almost like someone pointed up and said, "No, that's downward now". I just had to re-grip reality for the first time ever. It was then that I realized that I was experiencing heartbreak and it was as horrific as advertised. The same way a person who recently was injured in an accident would have to re-learn basic functions, so did I. Waking up, looking at my phone, going grocery shopping, and all of those things I did before with her in mind I had to learn how to do again. The best thing I did was admit that this road would be long and difficult but also that I could make it. My stubbornness to let go of what I once believed was true was the same stubbornness telling me I couldn't do without her. But once I made that connection, I knew it was only a matter of time. This is what I call the quiet after the storm. After everything is said and done, when it's just you and your thoughts and the pending decision of what to do's a very uncomfortable calm. When it's calm, you just take things one step at a time, don't miss details, and responsibly reflect from time to time. I strongly advise against Facebook/Twitter rants, violent retalitation, and listening to Adele.Image Hopefully whoever's the one for me is worth the learning lesson. I'm going to trust my perception of fate on that one. :)


Author: DerrickJaxn

Derrick Jaxn is a lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker, and author. He consistently delivers raw truth with a passion and can emotionally connect with anyone no matter how alone you thought you were. If you read it, there's a good chance he writes it, but you won't get it like this from anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @DerrickJaxn.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this…very well said and very inspiring…

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  2. I nodded my head from the very beginning of this post. For me, I felt like I had to learn to breathe again (no pun intended) and death was more than welcomed. But I made it, I reflect every once in a while but I don’t stay there.Thank you for that. It was amazing to read my feelings on someone else’s page. Many Blessings.

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  3. I can relate to this.Thank you for sharing this i really enjoyed reading. Is very inspiring and a great reminder than things will get better you just have to give it time……

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