The 20/80 Rule

ImageAs true stuarts of loyalty, we pride ourselves on committing ourselves in a relationship through thick and thin. When something comes along which could be better, we automatically assume it's a determent to our happily ever after we'll eventually get. But at some point, you end up confronting the nagging reality that you're confusing your pursuit as the finish line to blissful love. But what if, the grass is actually greener on the other side.....

If you're not finding happiness with your current situation, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging you deserve better. I know, being in love while also being unsatisfied with the relationship is a weird situation but here's my philosophy: Love should be the bond to your man like drugs to an addict, not cuffs to an inmate. Don't mistake your life sentence for a relationship. Just give yourself some down time being single before you hop into another relationship or those insecurities from your new man will haunt you every time it rains. If you're not happier being single than in your current situation, a new relationship isn't the answer anyway. Keep a man who's world revolves around you but when you're just an after thought to what really matters to him, give a second thought to the high road. Too many times we're pressured by the world who says moving on means giving up, but how many times has the world had your best interest at heart? The 80/20 rule only applies when you have the 80, not the 20. Anything else is just backwards.


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