Meet The Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting With Compassion

On Tuesday, a 20 year old gunman, armed with an AK47 bypassed security into an elementary school near Atlanta. Instead of fleeing for safety as most would have done, Antoinette Tuff approached him immediately, and began reasoning with the gunman. He continued loading his ammo telling the school clerk he had nothing to live for.



"I just started talking to him ... I let him know what was going on with me and that it would be OK," she said. "I give it all to God, I'm not the hero. I was terrified."

In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, she spoke about how the hour long conversation focused not only on him, but in an effort to be relatable, her life as well. "I just started telling him stories," she said, and things like, "You don't have to die today." Tuff told reporters that through her own life's stories and tragedies, she was able to convince the gunman to put the guns down and surrender. She courageously ensured the safety of approximately 870 pre-kindergarten to fifth grade students at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia through the power of compassion.

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  1. God bless her, she is truly a brave, wise & compassionate person. She prevented many lives from being lost that day.

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