Man Declared Dead for 45 Minutes Comes Back to Life


Tony Yahle says doctors can’t figure out how he came back from the dead.

According to ABC news, Yahle’s wife noticed his irregular breathing on August 5th. When she couldn’t wake him up, she called an ambulance and had him rushed to the hospital.

Later that afternoon, Tony Yahle’s heart had stopped and after 45 minutes of failed efforts to revive him, doctors went to the family to deliver the sad news.

Yahle’s 17 year old son, Lawrence, rushed back in to the room to his father’s side and cried “Dad you’re not going to die today” according to ABC.

And he was right. At that moment, medical examiners noticed Yahle’s heart pulsing again one to two times a minute.

“I thought we’d better make another effort to revive him.” Nazir told ABC.

Over the next week, Tony Yahle’s heart rate sped up to where he felt well enough to speak to various media outlets, calling his survival miraculous.

His doctor agreed. “I’m calling it a miracle because I’ve never seen anything like it.” Nazir told ABC.

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  1. This is an awesome story! However I couldn’t help but notice that the daughter all the way on the left looks like she’s pissed dad made it, and the daughter all the way on the right looks like she’s looking at her sister wondering, “why are you looking at my dad like that?” lol

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    • Im wondering how you can assume the daughter looks pissed off ? That’s NOT what I see at all.What I see is a whole family in total shock. I wonder if you have ever had a shock like that.Or if you ever lost anyone.Cos if you say NO to either of the 2 things I said,then Im saying DONT ASSUME.You are not them.You don’t know how you would react at all.

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