Instagram is At It Again With The Largest Gun Bust in New York History. #NoFilter

a_190x190  4 words: Aspiring rapper, Instagram, can bet that whatever the next word is won't be good. But what you didn't expect is that history was made as the largest gun bust in New York to ever happen was the result of the first two ingredients mixing with criminal activity. Oh and don't forget to sprinkle a little ignorance on top, just for taste.

According to reports by, up and coming(that's a stretch) rapper out of Brooklyn, Matthew Best, better known(that's also a stretch) as "Neno Best", was verifying his hood credibility via Instagram with photos and video of his illegal weapons he was selling. After choosing just the right angle for his firearms' portraits, it dawned on him that this might be a bad idea but too little, too late. NYPD got a hold of the footage and uncovered a gun trafficking ring that stretched over several states.

243 handguns, nine rifles, and two shotguns were seized, the largest gun bust in New York's history. #LOL #NoFilter

a_560x0Here's the funny thing about being an aspiring gangster rapper while being a real criminal at the same time. One requires you to do whatever you can to be noticed and the other requires you to do whatever you can to not be noticed, but you can't do both.

Well, Neno Best, made his choice. But on the bright side, there's less guns on the streets, he has the media coverage he's always strived for, and also some prison stripes for good measure. Unlike most criminals turned superstars, he didn't get "snitched on". He got caught because of his Instagram addiction. Kinda hard to make that into a song, but he's going to have plenty of time to figure that out now.



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  1. seriously i dont understand why drug or gun traffickers publicize their stuff on instagram…you would think they’d be a little smarter. I know someone on instagram who does the same thing and it just baffles me, especially since he cares about his little girl so much. hes giving her the world, getting her used to his love, and nice things, only so that a while later she ends up with neither. by the way the article was nicely written.

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