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Written By: Derrick Jaxn

It got me wondering;

Why is it that because someone's famous, we make it OK to hate them?

As many of you know, Chris Brown suffered a seizure recently. I saw comments saying he deserved it(to be expected), and some blamed it on his drug usage(even though he suffered seizures as a child), but what got me was that some even wished death on him. Wow.
We completely step over the line between holding people accountable and hanging them on the cross. I'm not "justifying his actions" but I do put into context that a 19 year old made some horrible decisions and took his punishment. 5 years later, we refuse to let him move on. Unreal.

We do this to everybody; Lebron James(the decision), Gabrielle Douglas(pony tail), Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. They are more than just images on T.V., they're people. They make mistakes. And they're constantly punished for pursuing their dreams and actually succeeding.

Chris Brown's now looking to retire for good, and I hope he doesn't. He's talented, he's great at what he does, and the way he's taken his punishment and owned up to his mistakes makes him a decent human being in my eyes. Definitely a lot more than some of us can say. But then again, we're not famous, so we don't have to.

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