I want that_______ kind of love


Yeah, I want thatImage kind of love. It's hard enough being a black family in America, but try running the country while you're at it. I have nothing but admiration for these two. No man has any excuse to say he's "too busy" for his woman with President Barack always MAKING time for his family. Michelle is also a prime example on how to play her part while Barack handles his business as shown in the picture. She's not disturbing him or nagging him, but she's there encouraging him and posted in case he does need some assistance. Playing her part doesn't mean being a subordinate which is what we often get confused. I'm not saving the world like Obama but when I'm handling my own business I crave for those "Michelle" qualities.

 At times when I'm playing too much or out of line, I still need that Image kind of love. That, no matter how irrational I'm acting, she still loves me for me type of love. A good man is still a man. We mess up, speak without thinking, etc just like the next. I can't always be perfect but I want to be worth it to my lady. Martin was short, goofy, wasn't making a lot of money, but Gina put up with anything to hold her man down. Even though Martin had his ways, he still stayed true to his woman and that's the way it should be. They MADE it work no matter what. Yeah yeah yeah, it's just on tv but I'm crazy enough to believe it's still possible. :)


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  1. Yes we all want that love. I mean I can only speak for myself. I’ve been single for couple years now & I pray mostly every day that I find/get this kind of love

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