How to Know If Your Man is Ashamed of You

Written by: Derrick JaxnDont-Hit-It-If-You-Cant-Claim-It

I was reading an article titled, "Is Your Man Proud to Have You" by Miss Naja Matthews. It echoed the sentiments of women I talk to every day who are concerned as to whether or not their man is ashamed of them. Most of them feel insecure when they see guys on T.V. who love to parade their woman around.

But the problem is that society only sees men one of two ways; those who are proud, and those who are ashamed. But there a lot of guys who are simply secure.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's NOT ok for your man to refuse to be seen with you, hold your hand in public, or be tagged in Facebook pictures. If he's making sure you walk through the door 10 steps or better ahead of him and only takes you on dates in dark places, that's probably not your man.

But if he simply doesn't like being joined at the hip for every step he takes, you may want to consider actually feeling good about that.

Hear me out.

amberrSay a man has 2 pieces of jewelry; a $40k watch he bought for himself so he could stunt and the other is a college football championship ring he won the year he broke the all-time rushing record.

Now, he's going to have that expensive watch at every event, every party, show it to his boys, Instagram it, make a rap song about it, etc. When his boys comment on the physical appeal, he'll rub his hands and say "Yeah I know right? You know me, that's how I do." Then probably point at his new J's and rims as an ego boosting packaged deal.

But as for that ring, he'll bring it out for the more special occasions all while making sure it's properly maintained, shiny as ever, and safely out of harm's way. If his boys do inquire, he'll dare the comments to go too far to the left or right before he sets the tone for what respect is to be given. Probably won't even let them get too close to it without a threat, and all hell will break lose if they have the audacity to ask to try it on.

Which one do you think he cares about more?

For real men, it's the ring. Even if it has a few scratches(wrinkles/stretch marks/imperfections period), it was earned, not bought or picked up, nor is it just for show.

Besides, you never want to be the "Display Only" girlfriend. I've met those types; Next Top Model material, what every girl dreams of waking up to see in the mirror, but they're miserable because dudes are only eager to show them off for brownie points because he's too insecure to have a good woman who's not fresh off the runway.

"But if he's proud, he doesn't care who sees it".  And if he's secure, he won't care who doesn't. That's their problem.

So if your man has yet to substitute his profile picture with one of your selfies, don't panic. So long as he treats you right, makes women aware that he's off the market, and brings you out in the daytime every now and then, you're good.ti-tiny-family-hustle

- Derrick Jaxn

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  1. Wow. This was a big eye opener for me.

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  2. This is a really good eye opening article. I love it

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  3. PREACH! Love this. I always ask men what they like about me and if they don’t mention that I’m intelligent, caring, funny, or anything else before they mention the backside, body, or my “girls”–you aren’t the one for me. NEXT!

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  5. I love how you put things into perspective

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  6. This seems pretty straight forward in my opinion. A relationship is not about proving anything to the general public, even if that public includes friends/family. It’s about two people understanding what they have together.

    I think the real issue is that women have been conditioned to believe that if a man does not do x, y, & z in public, “oh he’s ashamed of me/he’s not serious.” A guy who’s constantly standing on a mountain-top proclaiming his love to the world only happens in movies and television (and is also doing too much). Do NOT hold your real-life partner up to fantasy standards or try to define your relationship by what the media says.

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  7. This was a VERY good article!! Passing this on to my girlfriends.

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  8. Loved reading about this from a male perspective. It is easy at times to get caught up in my own “female point of view.” This is enlightening and I am going to share the knowledge with my friends.

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