How a Good Black Man Feels About Butt Implants

Black Chyna

Pictured: Model and Socialite, Blac Chyna, leaving doctor's office after butt implants "flipped over" on her.


Written by: Derrick Jaxn

You may not know Blac Chyna, but chances are, your closest guy friend does(no shade intended). Recently, a mishap with her money maker sent her to the hospital and she's not alone. It's for that reason that I cease to be baffled at why this trend of getting butt implants is still so popular.

I guess the just be happy with yourself spiel hasn't done the trick in convincing women of how beautiful they are without the gawking of Instagram's finest looking for a timeline strip-tease. So maybe seeing where being self-esteemless really gets you can help clear things up.

Not all people in the media are devils despite what a lot of self-worth advocates will tell you. They simply reveal our identity as a society, and that's that perception is not only our reality, but a dream we'll do anything to make come true. The part of the "anything" they're concerned about is where you spend your money to make them moguls. As for those who also spend their health, that's a price they're willing to pay.

So now there's a movement of paying for a fake ass and going to the gym in yoga pants to pretend you earned it by doing squats. Worse than the realization that you've been bamboozled this whole time are the drawbacks to getting injections and implants. Butt augmentation isn't something you pick up on your way home at the gas station. If it is, you've got bigger problems. Those procedures can cost you a lot more than just this year's rent. Ask Apryl Michelle Brown who lost every limb she has due to complications with her injections.

pebblzBlac Chyna as I mentioned earlier is another one. Her butt is literally flipping out on her, but she's getting off easy, unlike Pebblez the model and her clients. Pebblez was charged with murder last year of a woman who came to her wanting her help. That woman was injected with concrete; yes, the stuff kids jump rope on. Of course we can say, "Oh why would she do such a thing?" and my guess is that it wasn't exactly in her plans. The same way you wouldn't plan for it either unless you had your own in-house chemical lab to test the solution. If not, then join the other 99% of women that's completely going off of their doctor's word that everything should be fine while they hand you a contract clearing them of responsibility in the event they're lying. If you can't afford that doctor and instead go to someone that your friend knows because they can get them to do it for you for the low, then you're that much more at risk. I know how much women love a good sale, but those likes and comments won't do a thing to wipe your tears once your  body is permanently disfigured.

But you won't see those walks from the doctor's office realizing the gravity of their mistake in any photo shoot. You won't see it in a nice slow motion music video sitting on the hood of an expensive car, no rappers are going to brag about it in their hit single; none of that.

You will, however, see Kim K's selfie go viral. You'll continue to see reality TV stars so filled with silicone they could float in a puddle. They'll still be throwing drinks and crying until their eye-liner runs so that you can feel like they're just normal people and the sad part is, that may be true. Physically, they have a receipt for everything they take pride in, but on the inside, they really are just normal people. And normal people have those same voids in confidence. But where being normal should stop being the thing to do, is where we try to fill those voids with foreign chemicals and objects. Maybe being different isn't so bad after all. Love yourselfMoral of this story; The people you think you want to be like don't even want to be like themselves. Love yourself or lose yourself. Your choice.

- @DerrickJaxn

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Author: DerrickJaxn

Derrick Jaxn is a lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker, and author. He consistently delivers raw truth with a passion and can emotionally connect with anyone no matter how alone you thought you were. If you read it, there's a good chance he writes it, but you won't get it like this from anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @DerrickJaxn.

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  1. There’s so much truth in this!! Self-love is the best love, as the saying goes. The key is to be secure in yourself and what makes you unique. Many people always want to be like someone else, but if you always wish you had features like someone else or if you constantly compare yourself to others, you’ll forever be insecure. We often look at celebs and admire how great or “perfect” they look and don’t even think about the insecurities that they have that caused them to alter their appearances. You made some great points in this post!


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  2. Well said Derrick! I personally can’t even bring myself to dye my hair (lol I know, I know), much less do something so drastic as get any type of implant in my body. It’s pretty sad the lengths woman go through to try and look good….

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  3. I have two daughters and I try my best to instill in them the prize of loving themselves beyond the measures of others. I know first hand what it’s like to not like myself as I still to this day struggle with it. I never want my daughters to know this feeling

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  4. You stated it perfectly. It’s a sad state of affairs that we are living in. Society looks in all the wrong places in pursuit of love and happiness instead of within. Great post.

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  5. Truth well put out.

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  6. You do realize every surgical procedure cosmetic or not has risks right? Clearly not. Most cosmetic surgery is low risk unless you have conditions in which your physican has to give the OK on. In fact a boob job has less risks than heart surgery, or even removing your appendix! You’re talking out of your ass. You’ve taken isolated events and drew a flimsy conclusion. I love your made up statistics too. 99% of women? was this a controlled study? peer reviewed? yeah talking out of your ass

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    • The article is referring to self-esteem issues. 99% of women who don’t own a chemical testing lab in their house was the statistic. And my flimsy conclusion was to love yourself(refer to very last line). I guess we can see now who’s talking out of their ass. Probably a fake one.

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  7. You are comparing elective procedures to medically necessary ones.

    There is a 0% risk of dying from not a surgery you do not need if you do not undergo it.

    Heart surgery, on the other hand, is probably a necessary risk. Therefore, your point is moot.

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    • @ nono: Kill yourself idiot. You missed the ENTIRE point of the author’s post.

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