Florida Mother Abandoned Her Infant With a Stranger from Facebook in Walmart


Manoucheka Fortin

According to reports by the Atlanta Journalistic Constitution, a 27 year old Florida mother abandoned her infant child with a stranger she'd recently met from Facebook.

The two had only met face-to-face twice before the incident, in which both times the mother needed a ride from her Facebook "friend", Pigge Berlus. This was the first time he had met Manoucheka Fortin's child in which she was again in need of a ride, this time to Wal-Mart.

The two only knew each other by their online names. Hers, Ketia, and his Jonas.

Berlus told her he had to be at work so Fortin promised him she'd be right back out. Several hours later and one hour late for work, Berlus left the baby and his phone number with Walmart's customer service department.

According to police, Fortin left the infant without food, water, or diapers.  Manoucheka showed up 20 minutes after the police arrived and now faces criminal charges for child neglect.

I seriously wish parenting skills were a requirement to make a baby. smh

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  1. It is sad that it takes more than bearing a child to be a mother. Sadly, abandoning her children it was the proof she is not apt to be a mother, but why don’t they give the baby in adoption? Many of us have been deprived by nature (or whatever anyone may call it) the honored of being a mother, yet many women and girls nowadays just feel they are not in the “right time” to be a mom, when being a mother is not about “time” but about heart and love, love for a being who is not responsible for the mother’s irresponsible actions

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  3. I use to work in social services, and every time that I would say, “I’m ceased to be amazed”; I would get another case, that proved me otherwise…many similar to this one. A lot of times it’s not the “alleged offender’s” first incident of such; just different circumstances of the same actions (maybe the first incident for this mom)…she’ll prayerfully get it together. It’s the kids that suffer the greatest loss…I hope there’s a responsible family member for the safety net of the child(ren).

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  4. I was faced with a similar question the other day, “Why these women have babies that they can’t take care of?” The fact is there is not a manual for child raising. Most of the examples of parenting comes from experience. My experience was seeing my parents unrelentlessly sacrifice for me and my siblings. So that isthe example I say and execute. Is that bad or good? Parenting is taught through experience.

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    • In this particular case, it didn’t require parenting skills to know not to leave an infant with a guy you barely know for hours. But I do get your point.

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  5. There needs to be a quarter, term, or semester on Parenting. Women and men need to be given classes in elementary school on how to be parents. So many are having sex and having babies and don’t know nothing about raising any of them

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  6. What’s up, I rеad уour blogs daily. Your humοristic style iѕ witty, kеep up the good work!

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