Does Facebook Ruin Relationships??

I always find it intriguing the level of emphasis that people will put on a person's "Facebook relationship status". I even heard a friend of mine use the phrase "Facebook Official" as she proudly claimed the new level of her and her boyfriend's relationship advancement. My question is, how important is it? Does Facebook ruin relationships? Is it only real if it's on Facebook for the world to see? Well let's dig a bit deeper...

Before Facebook, there were actually such things as real relationships so I'll venture to say that it's not dictated today by what your online profile reads. Facebook serves as a technological engagement ring and that's where people, particularly women, refuse to deem the relationship real without it. What I mean is, it's an outward expression for the world to see and recognize that you are committing to that person. Also, it serves as an accountability reference so that no one can ever say, "Well I didn't know you guys were together". It can be a beautiful thing when you want to tag pictures of your night out and people can validate you happy faces, mushy statuses, etc. with an official stamp by Facebook. But that's only one side....on the OTHER side;

Your Facebook relationship status can be just the tool someone needs who's looking to rain on your picnic.Usually this person is unhappy with themself, mad at anyone doing better than they are, or just want what you me, those people do exist. When you put your relationship on display before it's had time to develop past the initial ups and downs that come with it, it's highly susceptible to the creativity of those unhappy people. The excitement of being in a relationship often times blinds us from the fact that we've yet to set a solid foundation ready to withstand..."haters". Now don't get me wrong, in no way am I saying that Facebook ruins relationships, because if that's the case then forks make people fat and pencils mispell words. What I do advise is letting your relationship develop a bit before  becoming "Facebook Official" if you'd like to increase your chances of something "Lawfully Official". :)


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  1. This is great… I totally agree. I have seen comments on facebook one minute they are in love and the next they hate each other. I think relationship status should not be included unless it’s OFFICIAL..Marriage..Less drama for all people

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