Chick-Fil-A Sees Record High Sales

Ok, you've probably already heard, but if not....Chick-fil-A hit record breaking sales on Wednesday which was "Appreciation Day". "While we don't release exact sales numbers, we can confirm reports that it was a record-setting day," Steve Robinson, Chick-fil-A's executive vice president of marketing, said in a statement. In other words, the efforts of Pro-Gay marriage-ians who decided to try and sabatogize the success of Chick-fil-A....backfired. I guess all this talk that's stirring is making them more relevant than ever, and when lunch time comes, it's only one place on my mind. I admit, I was worried about America, but apparently we still have some sense in tact. Now I'm for everyone having the right to do what they want both moral and immoral as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. If Chick-fil-A purposely sold poisoness sandwhiches to gay people, I'd understand your sentiments completely. Otherwise, I can't understand why people would boycott a business for their views unless they were that insensitively gunhoe about making an example out of someone. Sure, it's a right of the people to patronize who they wish, but can we use our collective buying power to send a more valid message on things that really need changing...that wouldn't include religious beliefs by the way.

So anyway, I've continued eating at God's gift to chicken lovers, aka Chick-fil-A. Just as I'm rubbing my stomach in satisfaction of a tasty waffle fry, I hear that Chicago has banned the opening of any new Chick-fil-A stores opening.....seriously. So to open a business, a test must be given of what political/religious beliefs the store owner has first? If this doesn't scream constitutional decay, I don't know what will. Well either way, I'm sure they're enjoying the free promo given by the protesters. Oh yeah....Eat mor chickin!!!! :)


Author: DerrickJaxn

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog today and have really enjoyed your writing. You have a unique insight and I appreciate your dedication to sharing your perspective with others. That being said, I have to disagree with this particular writing. While I love a good Chick-fil-A sandwich as much as the next dude (seriously, the pickles are worthwhile) I also cannot deny the importance of the customer in shaping the ethics of a corporation. I would posit that the consumers who have chosen to protest Chick-fil-A are not trying to change the management’s religious or political beliefs. Instead, they simply want to stop the flow of money from Chick-fil-A to certain organizations that those consumers view as unethical. It’s similar to how some people make the choice to buy fair trade coffee to withhold their finances from coffee producers who use child labor. Certainly you must agree that in the world as it currently stands with corruption as prevalent as chicken joints that an ethical person ought to be able to use their purchasing power to bring about justice? Your statement, “Otherwise, I can’t understand why people would boycott a business for their views unless they were that insensitively gunhoe about making an example out of someone,” may be ignoring the true capacity of a consumer to be a part of a justice initiate. Consider the CIW and their efforts with farmers as evidence of the true ability of a consumer to do great things. It’s just a thought. All the best.

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  2. so if chick fil a discriminated against black people you’d still eat there saying they are entitled to their opinion? Of course not! Discrimination is discrimination! Sexuality is not a choice!

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    • So why do some gay people choose to be straight again? Donny McClurkin and Antwon Dodson both have as well as many others. Can a black person choose to be Caucasian at their leisure? Blacks and gays are not the same. Gays have not been through slavery nor Jim Crow nor disproportionately make up prison population that keeps them from getting jobs afterwards. There is no similarity between being gay and being black. Gay is not the norm, otherwise there’d be no human life today. Blacks worldwide make up the majority and were here on Earth first. Compare being gay to being physically disabled or being white. That would be a better comparison.

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  3. No as a black woman I would never compare myself to a physically disabled person that doesn’t make sense. We really disagree on this issue! That is fine! If you think sexuality is a choice I would ask you what age did you decide to be straight? Not what age did you start dating what age did you choose to only be attracted to women? Of course you don’t choose! Those feelings just came naturally for you! I’m not comparing gay people to me! I’m saying discrimination is discrimination whether it is race, gender or anti-gay! I refuse to line the pockets of a corporation that gives money towards discrimination! God is love!

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