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One less item on the bucket list.

A few years back, before the blog, before the social media fan base, before anything; I was on the phone with a friend and told her that one day I wanted to write a book. Understandably, she was puzzled but digressed and let me have my moment. Couldn't quite place why I felt that way, but something compelled me to come out and say it...and mean it.

Then came everything else, and I realized there was a void in people's understanding of men. Not the perfect ones, or those even remotely close. I'm talking about the "ain't-shit" and "can't-get-right" ones. There's a side of them that's rarely heard or even considered. So, I did a little research, asked around, and came to the conclusion as to why:

It's not profitable to say what people don't want to hear if they have the luxury of denying it's true. And they only have that luxury of denying it if you don't have the ability to make it undeniable.

So, my rebellious and courageous ass said, "If nobody else will tell it like it is, I will."

Febuary 11th, 2013. I had candles, wine, slow jams, and my schedule cleared for the entire weekend to write, write, and write some more. I knew that if I put my mind to it, I could knock this thing out of the park with my eyes closed.

4 hours later, I was staring at my Microsoft Word document with the title of the book being the only evidence of progress. I realized quickly, writing a book is completely different from blogging and much harder than just reading one.

Momma couldn't save me, Daddy couldn't save me neither. I had already proclaimed this as my next big to-do, and now faced with the reality that I just might not deliver. Then I sucked it up and came back to my motto for everything else, "Just do you."

I gave the characters real personalities, put them in familiar situations, and simply told the story that nobody else wants to tell. I even based the main character, Shawn Fletcher, solely off of me and how I feel to make sure he was authentic. I didn't just want a "fiction" for people's frivolous entertainment; I wanted a real message sent and that would require me to intertwine my soul in every chapter no matter what the outcome.

Week by week of coming home to the laptop for hours to the same storyline; weekend after weekend of excuses why I needed this time to focus on my work and couldn't hang out; month after month of, "I'm working on it.", "It's almost finished.", "I'll be sure to let you know when I release it.", and "No, I don't have a book deal yet."...and here I am. The completion of A Cheating Man's Heart.1380911_10151946415024171_1759076495_n (1)


"With his witty, humorous, and heartfelt writing style that took the social media world virally by storm, Derrick Jaxn delivers another lesson in love wrapped in the emotionally transparent perspective of a troubled man.

Shawn Fletcher, a former college football phenom turned successful entrepreneur, is in need of the very thing he's never proven to be ready for; love. To finally get to the heart of the issue, his therapist goes digging into a closet full of skeletons that neither of them were ready for.

Shawn opens up about his journey to college where he meets Jazmin, the bodacious vixen from Atlanta with a slick tongue and vicious curves. They tame their sexual rendezvous into a genuine friendship shortly before Danielle comes along and gives Shawn a reason to settle down. Everything seems perfect until his commitment to Danielle nearly costs Jazmin her life.

Shawn wants to fix things but knows he can't be in two places at once; but can he make his heart play by the same rules?"


November 25th, 2013, you will have your answe

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