9 Definite Signs Your Man Does NOT Take You For Granted

Written by: @DerrickJaxn

3db6c1e2947cc87aa53dca73f57959e2Your good man  understands that you don't want perfection, you want effort and he's never going to tell you that you're asking too much by requiring him to keep his promises that HE made when he was first trying to win your heart. He may not have all the answers but he's going to be with you trying to figure it out when he doesn't. As hard as good men are to find, they can be just as hard to recognize, but his actions will speak loud and clear that he's not like the others.


      1. He Doesn't Fault You For What You've Been Through

You've been hurt. So has he. So when you have trust issues, he doesn't try to make you feel guilty about them. He puts in the work it takes to earn your trust and separates himself from those in your past that way instead of just talking about how he's not them.

      2.  He Prays for You Before He Prays for Himself

Everything about him is selfless including his time with God. He's thinking of you and he takes the well-being of your soul so seriously, that he's already requesting your blessings and protection before his own.

  1. He Shows You Off Without Even Trying To

No, I'm not just talking about on Instagram and Facebook. He's not trying to prove anything. I'm talking about in everything he does, he wants you there. He needs you by his side or things just don't feel right. And you don't have to beg or plead. You come up in every conversation with his boys, his family, and even complete strangers to the point they have to say, "Damn, you really love this woman huh?"

  1. b4e9d63c995395dfca7e21f2eb2f2222His Plans With You Are Long Term, and He Speaks of a Future With You Often

He doesn't run from the conversation on marriage, he starts it. He likes the idea of having children and playfully talks about what they might look like and possible names and proud moments he can't wait to have. With you.

  1. He'd Doesn't Put Himself In Compromising Situations With Other Women

This seems tricky to the guy who's still young, but for any man; these situations scare him. He doesn't claim to be perfect or invincible, in fact he knows better. So he does whatever's necessary to keep himself from even being in a situation that may LOOK like something it shouldn't be.

  1. He Gets Aggravated by Not Being With You, Instead of Telling You He Needs To Get Away

When he's out, he's texting you. Probably offending coworkers and homeboys but he doesn't care. He's ready to come home early and get back to his quality time with you. Easily irritated by anyone or anything that tries to hold him longer.6bfb6ac4f758512be8fb8115c9b08d22

  1. Before Asking YOU for Something, He's Already Asked if You Need Anything From Him

Again, he's selfless. He didn't know he was until he fell in love with you. But before barking out demands and requests the moment you get home from work, he's already trying to take your coat and massage your shoulders. Asking if you if you ate. Asking you if you want to take a nap and then asking if rubbing your feet will help you fall asleep faster.

  1. When You Get Angry, His First Response is Trying to Understand, Not Defensiveness

Communication may have never been his forte, but in his ongoing effort to love you better, he's gotten pretty damn good at it. The moment he notices that you're visibly bothered by something he's done or said, he doesn't blame you. He looks at what he could have done to cause it and even if he can't see where he went wrong, he lets you know that how you feel about is important and because of that he's going to work to fix it. And he keeps his word.

  1. He PLANS Dates for the Two of You Ahead of Time, Because He Takes Your Time Seriously

This is a big one. If he can plan to be in front of the TV on football Sunday, he can plan to take you out on the night before. Don't be the part of his week he'll get to when/if he feels like it, be what he can't wait to get to so he already planned ahead and reserved time for.

- @DerrickJaxn


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Author: DerrickJaxn

Derrick Jaxn is a lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker, and author. He consistently delivers raw truth with a passion and can emotionally connect with anyone no matter how alone you thought you were. If you read it, there's a good chance he writes it, but you won't get it like this from anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @DerrickJaxn.

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  1. Thank you for all your advice … I am a white woman dating a black man and I am older than he is … Sometimes your articles hit home with me about trust …. He’s the guy who has lots of ” girlfriends” …. I sometimes think im wasting my time because he says all the right things but never shows it .
    Thanks for the great reads !

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  2. I like it…Its all about perspective.

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  3. The truth hurts. Definitely a reality check! Love your book, can’t wait for the sequel!

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  4. that’s beautiful wow its good to know that they are people who understand love in terms of service
    because our generation has it backwards that’s dope God bless you keep doing what you are doing
    love your blog

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  5. Thank you I really enjoy reading your post. Your perspective on relationships is refreshing to my soul. God Bless

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  6. I thoroughly enjoy your articles. In regards to the this one, I had a man like this, then he cheated and when we talked about it, he said he changed his mind about being in a relationship. He then revealed he felt if was perfectly normal for a man to cheat and I should have left well-enough alone. It left me to question if he was being authentic the whole 3 years we we’re together. My question to you is: how can it seem so right for so long, then change in what seems like overnight. Although I respect his honesty, after the fact. I was devastated.

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  7. Hard to find the real from the fake??? <3 Carol

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  8. I thoroughly enjoy your articles! I’m glad to see that real love does exist somewhere in this world. In my 31 years of being I have yet to experience what you are expressing because most have no one teaching them the values we should have as adults. I really pray that people not just men are listening. Maybe if we can replace all the hate with love this world would start to look up. Blessings, I’ll make sure to pickup your book I’m sure it will be a great read.

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