15 Reasons You Lost A Good Ass Woman

jodeciWritten by: Derrick Jaxn


I think we can all appreciate a man who's recognized his wrongs in a relationship and is willing to do anything to get the love of his life back. The Temptations, Jodeci, and Tyrese made music careers of singing songs about it. Only thing is, there's always something that led to the brother standing out in the rain, dressed in a 3-piece suit and holding wilting flowers; that's the part we love to leave out. That's also the part that women forget about until they give him a 13th chance and go right back to the same shit they left him for in the beginning. So to refresh a few memories and further explain to my brothers exactly what they need to take care of before they mess up their prom suit, I compiled a list of 15 reasons you probably lost your good ass woman.

  1. You told her she was overreacting when she confronted you on something you knew you were wrong about.
  2. SHE had to remind you or even step in herself to let other females know you were taken when they would cross that line of harmless flirting and utter disrespect.
  3. You expected undying support of your dreams while treating her passions as just a phase she'd eventually grow out of.
  4. You preferred playing Madden with your boys or being on your grind EVERY time over spending some with her to relax. No, spare time should never take the place of quality time you've MADE for the two of you.
  5. You started ducking and dodging the idea of marriage as if she was pressuring you into something she wasn't worthy of.Kirk-Frost-Almost-Single-StraightFromTheA
  6. You made a habit of letting her "take the tab on this one". While she's never been a gold digger she also wants somebody she could increase with instead of always letting them "hold something right quick" so neither of you could come up.
  7. You stopped 4-play because you wanted to get straight to the point (sex) instead of understanding a woman's body benefits from that pre course of intimacy.
  8. When you did have sex, you stopped after you got yours and then seriously waited for her unsatisfied body to get up and feed you for a job not well done.
  9. You told her you liked that she was classy but seemed to be a little too appreciative of Instagram strippers and half naked bathroom sink models.
  10. Started doing sketch shit with your phone like receiving texts and then checking to see who it was before it was in her line of sight.
  11. Told her that her guy friends needed to be cut off while every girl you ever tried to have sex with before magically turned into "like a sister to you" that she needed to just trust you on.
  12. When you got upset, you didn't want to hear her talk about it anymore instead of putting your pride aside and working to fix it like she did.
  13. She rode with you during your financial rough patch but that ride got so comfortable you decided it was easier to do that than to get back to actually pursuing goals.
  14. You forgot that it never hurt to cook for her sometimes. She gets hungry too.
  15. When you knew you weren't being who she deserved, you started blaming her for everything to ease your insecurities.

But as you expected, she caught on and gave you what you deserved; her absence. Now, this is nothing to lose hope over, just something we need to be real with ourselves about. Nothing's worse than going to the ends of the earth trying to hand someone the sun, moon and the stars to prove how worthy we are of another chance when we're getting ready to do the exact same thing we did with the last one. Work on those things first, or don't even waste her time. She can get all of those materialistic things you're buying her, but she can never get back her time. NeneGood women won't waste much of that anyway.

- @DerrickJaxn

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Derrick Jaxn is a lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker, and author. He consistently delivers raw truth with a passion and can emotionally connect with anyone no matter how alone you thought you were. If you read it, there's a good chance he writes it, but you won't get it like this from anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @DerrickJaxn.

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  1. This is all truth Mr. Jaxn! I am glad you brought up the point that men will begin to blame women for all of their insecurities when they know they aren’t being a worthy partner. This gets me every time!

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    • I appreciate that Ms. Richardson! I think it’s going to be helpful to both sides and ultimately our relationships the more honest we can be with each other. It’s easy to point the finger until we’re facing the mirror.

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  2. Derrick, this article is nothing but the raw truth and I’m trying to get as many guys as possible to read it! As women, we know these things because we go thru them, but these guys need to read it in black and white and see for themselves the hard truth. I know you’re writing this from experience, from a place of what you’ve observed and what you hear women say. Whenever I repost your articles, I always hear a few cats say “Oh he’s just spitting game”, but I know its your heart’s desire to have the true, real, unselfish kind of love sans any gimmicks. I can relate 500%. I will be sharing this! Good work Jaxn! -Golden

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  3. Yes Indeed!!! Sometimes people don’t appreciate what you do for them until you STOP doing it. If someone can’t appreciate your presence, then make them appreciate your absence. There is nothing worse than being there for someone, holding them down and trying to build WITH them and then realize you’re on a one-way street. I’ve come to realize even when relationship ends, there’s something to be learned. If it didn’t bring you what you wanted, then it certainly should have taught you what you don’t want. Very real article, thanks for sharing!!

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    Dealt with #s 1, 2, 5, 9, 11, 12 & 15 for so long I can’t even put my finger on the exact moment I no longer gave a good damn about him. Just realized one day how at peace I was, thought about it and that’s when I knew I just no longer cared.

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  5. All great points but 8,11,13, and 14 are so on point. Great job!

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  6. So sick and tired of some men being blamed cause it’s some really messed up women out here, some of these women are woese then the men. It takes two for it to work or go wrong. But it’s not always the man’s fault problems in relationships can not be fixed by covering the prob with a band-aid or blaming the man it takes two

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  7. I truly do wish that I had come across this article months ago. It would have helped me recognize these signs of an unhealthy relationship as opposed to believing that such behaviors should be tolerated because “you might leave and end up with worse.” I’m glad I came across your site, and I appreciate your insight. It’s sad looking back and recalling how many times other women advised me to stay put and accept it because “all men are like this.” This reassured me that I was wise to believe otherwise, and strong enough to move forward alone. God bless.

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